The links on this page are to websites that post primary material on Brethren history. For links to the websites that relate to the various sections of the movement, click here


The Christian Brethren Archive in Manchester is the principal archive in the world for Brethren material. Click here to enter its website.

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The website of the Brethren movement in Germany (bruederbewegung) has many documents in English of historical interest. In 2005 BAHN held a joint conference in Germany with its German historical society, Arbeitskreis Geschichte der Büderbewegung. To learn more about the German society click here for a description in English of its work.

The website gives particularly useful links to biographical profiles of leading individuals in the Brethren movement, most of which are in English, at 

Many documents of historical interest, including many primary sources, can be found at

STEM has a large amount of electronic texts of Exclusive Brethren writing, including the complete writings of J. N. Darby, all of which are fully searchable at

There is a large amount of historical material on Brethren missions in the NorthWestern Province of Zambia. To go directly to the most useful materials, click: Then, scan the various sub-sections for relevant materials.