New Book in Studies in Brethren History

‘The Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible’ could have been a Brethren motto. So this volume devoted to the Bible and the theology derived from it brings valuable insight into the heart of Brethren life and thought.’

David Bebbington, Professor of History at the University of Stirling

The papers collected in this book of essays are an introduction to some of the ways in which Bible and theology have been understood and used within the Brethren movement. The heart of the book is a series of chapters on individuals such as Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, George Müller, William Kelly, F. F. Bruce, and Victor Danielsen. Other chapters examine, among other things, the Bible in evangelism, attitudes to systematic theology, women’s roles and dress, twentieth-century biblical scholars, and controversy over the Eternal Sonship of Christ. The book brings together issues of biblical interpretation, scholarship, and translation within the Brethren movement.

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BAHN encourages the study and writing of the history of the Brethren movement. 

The aims of the BAHN are:

  • To support the development of archives of the history of the Christian Brethren, the deposit of material in such archives and to make their resources better known.
  • To encourage research into Brethren history world-wide, to assist those writing on such topics and to encourage cooperation, and greater understanding of the development of the movement.
  • To support the publication and circulation of historical works on the Brethren, and to increase awareness of them.

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Brethren Historical Review

We publish an annual periodical, the Brethren Historical Review. You can view articles from past volumes by clicking here.

Some of the articles in the 2018 issue are:

Timothy C. F. Stunt, Robert Nelson (1798–1895): Administrator, Judge, and Plymouth Brother

Vijaya Raju Bandela, The Brethren Movement in Andhra

Timothy C. F. Stunt, A Note Concerning Hannah Kilham Burlingham (1842–1901)

Sylvain Aharonian, The Open Brethren Movement in France

Rose Dowsett, Brethren Listed in the CIM Register, 1865–1948

Dániel Kovács, The Hungarian Brethren Movement:History, Nature, and Outlook

Crawford Gribben, The Church of God in Belfast: Needed Truth, the Vernalites,

and the Howard Street Christians, 1890–1924

Timothy C. F. Stunt & Neil Dickson, The Plymouth Brethren :A Review Article

Michael Schneider, New Writing on Brethren History


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  Studies in Brethren History


   BAHN has launched a series of books entitled Studies in Brethren History.


     1. The first of these was a reprint of Tim Grass's definitive modern history, Gathering to His Name: The Story of Open Brethren in Britain and Ireland. For an order form, click here. If you live outside the UK, then click here

2. The second is Witness in Many Lands: Leadership and Outreach Among the Brethren, edited by Tim Grass. For more information on this book, click here. For an order form, click here.

 3. The third is entitled Culture, Spirituality, and the Brethren. For an order form, click here. If you live outside the UK, click here.

4. The fourth is Brethren and Mission: Essays in Honour of Timothy C. F. Stunt. For an order form, click here. If you live outside the UK, click here.

There is now also a subsidia series, and the first book in this series is Daniel J. Danielsen and the Congo: Missionary Campaigns and Atrocity Photographs by Oli Jacobsen. For an order form and information about this book, click here.

More information on these and other key books on Brethren history can be found on this website in Further reading. Several of these new academic histories of the Brethren appear in Paternoster Press's series, Studies in Evangelical History.


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