Reviews of books and articles on Brethren history

The book reviews below appeared in the Brethren Historical Review (Brethren Archivists and Historians Network Review until vol.4 no.1).

This list does not include all the book reviews which have appeared, but is a selection of those most closely related to Brethren history. The dates after the titles are the year in which the publications appeared.


Horst Afflerbach, Die heilsgeschichtliche Theologie Erich Sauers (2006).

Donald Harman Akenson, Exporting the Rapture: John Nelson Darby and the Victorian Conquest of North-American Evangelicalism (2018)

John Barber, Coleman Street's Children: a history of Coleman Street Gospel Hall (Coleman Street Chapel) 1900-1999 and of Brethren in south-east Essex (2000).

R.H. Baylis, The Brethren by the Bay: a pictorial account of the history of the Brethren movement in the San Francisco Bay area (2006).

Ulrich Bister & Stephan Holthaus, Friedrich Willhelm Baedeker, Leben und Werk eines Russlandmissionars (2006).

Robert Baylis, My People: The Story of those People sometimes called Plymouth Brethren (1995). 

David Brady and Fred J. Evans, Christian Brethren in Manchester and District (1997).

Fred Bresnen, Assemblies of Christians in the Wirral (2002).

Jonathan D. Burnham, A Story of Conflict: the controversial relationship between Benjamin Wills Newton and John Nelson Darby (2004).

Robert B. Carter, The Army and I. An account of life in the army as a non-combatant during the Second World War (2005). 

E.N. Cross, The Irish Saint and Scholar: a biography of William Kelly (2004).

James Patrick Callahan, Primitivist Piety: the ecclesiology of the early Brethren (1996).

Grayson Carter, Anglican Evangelicals: Protestant secessions from the Via Media, c.1800-1850 (2001).

Sylvan R. Catwell, The Brethren in Barbados: Gospel Hall Assemblies 1889-1994 (1995).

Roy Coad, Verses from an Incomer: poems from Shropshire and elsewhere (2000).

Hannah Coombes, Safe in His Hand; Annie Spencer, Triumphs and Trials in Trindad and Tobago: the memoirs of Annie Spencer.

Robert Bernard Dann, Father of Faith Missions: the life and times of Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853). (2004).

Brian Dickey (ed.), The Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography (1994).

Beth Dickson, The Secret Life of an Evangelical (2005).

Neil T.R. Dickson, Brethren in Scotland 1838-2000: a social study of an evangelical movement (2003).

Neil T.R. Dickson, Open and Closed: Brethren and their origins in the north east (1999).

Neil T.R. Dickson & Tim Grass (eds), The Growth of the Brethren Movement: national and intrernational experiences (2006).

Marion Field, John Nelson Darby: Prophetic Pioneer (2008)

Klaus Fiedler, The Story of Faith Missions (1994).

Ian G. D. Ford, Religious affiliation and educational achievement: a note on the 'Brethren' in western Scotland (1971); Alex McEwan and Earl Robinson, Evangelical beliefs, attitudes towards schooling and educational outcomes (1994).

Jenny Fountain, teach others also. The Bible schools of the Christian Brethren churches in Papua New Guinea (1999).

John H. Gerstner, Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: a critique of dispensationalism (2000).

William Gilmour, Riverside Evangelical Church. 100 years 1906-2006 (2006).


Tim Grass, Gathering to His Name: the story of Open Brethren in Britain and Ireland (2006).

Crawford Gribben & Andrew Holmes (eds), Protestant Millennialism, Evangelicalism and Irish Society, 1790-2005 (2006).

James Harvey, Donald Ross: a soteriological retrospective (2009).

Roy Hill (ed.), The Assemblies Address Book, 6th edn (2006).

David Hempton, Evangelical Disenchantment: 9 stories of faith and doubt (2008).

Massimo Introvigne, The Plymouth Brethren (2018).

Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 (2001).

Clive Langmead, Robber of the Cruel Streets: the prayerful life of George Muller (2006).

Della Letkeman, No Time to Quit: biography of R. E. Harlow (2000).

Donald M. Lewis (ed.), Blackwell Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1730-1860 (1995).

Jacqueline Line, James and Dorothy: the Story of a Mixed Marriage, 1917-1981. Tragedy or Triumph? (1993); Marion Field, Don’t Call Me Sister! (1993); John L. Fear, Exclusive Pedigree (1996); Marion Field, Shut Up Sarah (1996).
Donald McNair (ed. Philip McNair), A Pacifist at War: military memoirs of a conscientious objector (2008).

Dave MacPherson, The Rapture Plot (1995).

Fares Marzone, Dalle Tenebre alla Luce: lo sviluppo dell'evangelismo in Albania (2000).

Graham Mair (complier), The Fisherman's Gospel Manual (1994).

Colin Matthew & Brian Harrison (eds), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004).

Maurice Millard, The Time of their Life: a family history (2003).

George Mitchell, Revival Man: the Jock Troup story (2002).

Caroline Moorehead, Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France (2014)

William Blair Neatby, A History of the Plymouth Brethren (1901, rpt 2001).

Gary L. Nebeker, John Nelson Darby and Trinity College, Dublin: a study in eschatological contrasts (2002).

B.W. Newton, Ministry and Order in the Church of Christ (1997).

Ken Newton, History of the Brethren in Australia with particular reference to the Open Brethren (1999); Brian Mills, A Story to Tell: evangelism in the twentieth century (1999); Lynn E. Aberdeen, Heritage of Brethren: a celebration of 100 years of the Wynnum Gospel Hall Assembly (1997)

Robert Peterson, Robert Chapman (1995).

James Moir Porteous, Jesus Christ, King of the Church (1872, rpt 1999).

Daisy Dina Ronco, “Per me, vivere e Cristo”: La vita e l’opera del Conte Piero Guicciardini nel centenario della sua morte 1808-1880 (1980); Supplemento al Libro “Per me vivere e Cristo” (1986); “Crocifisso con Cristo”: Biografia di Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti (1991); La fede e l’opera di Matilde Calandrini (dalle lettere a Gian Pietro Vieusseux) (n.d.); Risorgimento and the Free Italian Churches now Churches of the Brethren (1996).

Ian S. Rennie, Aspects of Christian Brethren spirituality (1992).

Lindsey Rosa, Not My Idea of Heaven (2010)

Robert I. Rotberg, Plymouth Brethren and the occupation of Katanga (1964).

Harold H. Rowdon, The concept of 'Living by faith' (1995).

Nigel Scotland, Sectarian Religion in Contemporary Britain (2000).

John Rendall-Short, Green Eye of the Storm (1998).

Roger Steer, George Müller, 1805-1898: Delighted in God (2006).

Mark S. Sweetnam, Dan Crawford: Thinking Black and the challenge of a missionary canon (2007)

Pauline Summerton, Fishers of Men: the missionary influence of an extended family in Central Africa (2003).

Timothy C.F. Stunt, Elitist leadership and congregational participation among early Plymouth Brethren (2006).

Timothy C.F. Stunt, Evangelical cross-currents in the Church of Ireland 1820-33 (1989).

Timothy C.F Stunt, From Awakening to Secession: radical evangelicals in Switzerland and Britain 1815-35 (2000).

David Tchappat, Breakout: How I escaped from the Exclusive Brethren (2009).

Ngaire Thomas, Behind Closed Doors: a startling story of Exclusive Brethren life 2nd edn (2005).

Matthew Tonts, The Exclusive Brethren and an Australian rural community (2001).

Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, The Book of Revelation in Greek [1844]/(2009).

Alma Turnbull, Chitokoloki: Celebrating a Century of the Lord's Work in Northwestern Zambia (2014).

Joseph Webster, The Anthropology of Protestantism: Faith and Crisis among Scottish Fishermen (2013).

Max Weremchuk, John Nelson Darby: a biography (1992).

Charles Gidley Wheeler, A Good Boy Tomorrow: memoirs of a fundamentalist upbringing (2007).