Zoom Webinar Friday 24 June 2022

When and Why did J. N. Darby

Address his Roman Catholic Brethren?

Professor Crawford Gribben

Our speaker at our next webinar is Crawford Gribben who is professor of early modern religion at Queen’s University, Belfast. He is also researching a new project on J. N. Darby and the emergence of dispensationalism, which he has already discussed on BBC Radio 4's "In our Time" programme (BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Rapture). There will be time for questions after Professor Gribben's talk.

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Zoom Webinar Friday 24 June 2022

at 7pm (British Summer  Time).


BAHN encourages the study and writing of the history of the Brethren movement. 

The aims of the BAHN are:

  • To support the development of archives of the history of the Christian Brethren, the deposit of material in such archives and to make their resources better known.
  • To encourage research into Brethren history world-wide, to assist those writing on such topics and to encourage cooperation, and greater understanding of the development of the movement.
  • To support the publication and circulation of historical works on the Brethren, and to increase awareness of them.

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Latest book in Studies in Brethren History





Brethren and Their Buildings is a photographic record of the structures used by all sections of the Brethren movement in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Containing almost 300 full-colour photographs, as well as explaining the buildings and the principles that lay behind their erection and ownership, the text discusses the history of the movement as well as many individual assemblies and their buildings.

A beautiful publication to have in its own right, the book would also would make a welcome gift to anyone who has an interest in the Brethren movement or in the use and  architecture of church buildings.  


1. Introduction 2. The Story of the Brethren Movement 3. Some Practical Considerations 4. Temporary and Prefabricated Buildings 5. Architectural Styles 6. Twentieth-Century Trends 7. Buildings Acquired from Other Denominations 8. Buildings Adapted from Other Uses 9. Location, Location, Location 10. Details and Decorative Elements 11. Names and Notice Boards 12. Interiors 13. Closed Halls 14. Some Personal Favourites



£22 + p&p from BAHN.

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Brethren Historical Review

We publish an annual periodical, the Brethren Historical Review. You can view articles from past volumes by clicking here.

Some of the articles in the 2021 issue are:

  • Timothy C. F. Stunt, James Pringle Riach (1797–1865) and other early Plymouth Brethren

  • R. B. Freeman and Douglas Wertheimer, Emily Gosse: A Bibliography

  • Cynthia Hill, ‘Servant of Christ and His People Everywhere’ George Cutting 1843-1934: His Life, Work, and Times

  • P. David Wilkin Deep in the Heart of Africa: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature on the Beloved Strip in Zambia

  • Ronaldo Magpayo, In Search of Meaning: A Contextual Interpretation of the Lord’s Supper from an Indigenous Filipino Perspective

  • Michael Schneider,New Writing on Brethren History



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  Studies in Brethren History


   BAHN has launched a series of books entitled Studies in Brethren History. Those published so far are:

1. Tim Grass's definitive modern history, Gathering to His Name: The Story of Open Brethren in Britain and Ireland

2. Witness in Many Lands: Leadership and Outreach Among the Brethren, edited by Tim Grass (2013)

3. Culture, Spirituality, and the Brethren edited by Neil Dickson and Tom Marinello (2014)

4. Brethren and Mission: Essays in Honour of Timothy C. F. Stunt edited by Neil Dickson and Tom Marinello (2016)

5. From Glasgow to Garenganze: Frederick Stanley Arnot and Nineteenth-Century African Mission by Ian Burness (2017) (published jointly with OPAL Trust and Echoes International)

5. Bible and Theology in the Brethren, edited by Neil Dickson and Tom Marinello (2018)

6. The Bible and the Church, edited by Neil Dickson and Tom Marinello (2020) 

A subsidia series includes: 

Daniel J. Danielsen and the Congo: Missionary Campaigns and Atrocity Photographs by Oli Jacobsen (2014)

From Friends to Brethren: The Howards of Tottenham - Quakers, Brethren, and Evangelicals by Gerald West (2016)

Ernest and May Trenchard: Evangelical Mission in Franco's Spain (2019)


More information on these and other key books on Brethren history can be found on this website in Further reading. Several of these new academic histories of the Brethren appear in Paternoster Press's series, Studies in Evangelical History.

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by email to neil.summerton@partnershipuk.org


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