Brethren and Mission: Essays in Honour of Timothy C. F. Stunt

(eds.) Neil T. R Dickson & T J. Marinello

368 pp.+9 illustrations

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Mission is close to the heart of the Open Brethren. Chapters in this book discuss the work and thought of its pioneer missionary, Anthony Norris Groves, as well as other aspects of missiology important for Brethren mission. Other essays move throughout the world’s continents and trace aspects of the history of Brethren mission. They deal with themes that have come to prominence in recent writing on mission, such as the role of female missionaries, issues of enculturation, and the tensions that can arise between foreign missionaries and indigenous Christians. The essays give a sense of the strengths and difficulties in the Brethren encounter with peoples, countries, and cultures. The book has been compiled in honour of a noted historian of nineteenth-century church and of the Brethren movement, Dr Timothy Stunt.


Contents: 1. Andrew F. Walls, Edward Irving’s Critique of Mission Policy; 2. Thomas E. I. Whittaker, Providence, Prophecy, and Prosperity: Rethinking the ‘Romantic’ Premillennialism of the 1820s through the Faith Principle of Anthony Norris Groves; 3. John M. Hitchen, Fresh Insights from Diverse Margins of Mission History? Anthony Norris Groves as a Test Case; 4. Neil Summerton, George Müller and the Promotion of Mission 5. Roger N. Holden,‘Sending out missionaries is not scriptural at all’: An Exclusive View of Missions; 6. Tim Grass,  The Rise and Fall of the Brethren Gospel Meeting; 7. Tórður Jóansson, William Gibson Sloan (1838–1914): Mission Strategy in the Faeroes; 8. T. J. Marinello,  ‘New Brethren’ in Flanders at the End of the Twentieth Century; 9. Neil T. R. Dickson,‘The “nasty nominative.”’ Brethren Missionary Memoirs from Africa, 1883–2010; 10.Ian Burness, Frederick Stanley Arnot (1858–1914):Reassessing his Impact on African Mission; 11.Iva Peša, Pioneers and Role Models: Female Missionaries in Mwinilunga District during the Twentieth Century; 12. Kovina Mutenda, An Evaluation of Gospel Work in Zambia; 13. Anne-Louise Critchlow, ‘Too hard for God?’ A Survey of some Brethren Missionary Work in Algeria, 1920–1990 Cooperation in Mission or Foreign Mission Continuation?;  14.Detlef Kapteina, The KLB Church and the CMML Mission in South Tanzania; 15. Mark R. Stevenson, Canadian Opposition to Brethren Evangelists: ‘The Great “Plymouth Brethren” Controversy in South-Western Ontario 1872–1873’; 16. Peter J. Lineham, James Kirk and the New Zealand Brethren Missionary Tradition; 17. Kenneth J. Newton, The Brethren Missionary Enterprise to Malavalli; 18. Crawford Gribben, Lizzie Crawford Gillan and the Brethren in China, 1901–45: A Biographical Sketch; 19. David Woodbridge,‘Finding that more in accordance with what they saw in the Word’: Watchman Nee and the Brethren in China; 20. Elisabeth Wilson,‘Richly rewarding the labourer for his work’: Brethren Evangelism in the Australian Colonies, 1860s–1880s;22. Graham Johnson, Select Bibliography of the Writings of Timothy C. F. Stunt

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  Mirjam Hofman From Sectarians to Apocalyptics: Descriptions of the Brethren by Dutch Theologians and Church Historians

 The Minor Sects of London [a reprint from The Spectator of 1899]

 Norman S. Macdonald, Developments in the Churches of God, 1892–1980

 Peter Lineham, The 1956 Auckland Crisis in the Exclusive Brethren and the Shaping of Taylorism

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