About BAHN

The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (BAHN) supports those from many countries who are interested in researching aspects of Brethren history and seeing the results of such research published. Those involved represent a wide spectrum of ecclesiological and theological outlooks, backgrounds and current affiliations, but are united in wanting to understand more of the tradition with which most are or have been linked. BAHN is always looking to widen the network and foster mutual encouragement among its members.

Its stated aims are:

·       To support the development of archives of the history of the Christian Brethren, the deposit of material in such archives and to make their resources better known.

·       To encourage research into Brethren history world-wide, to assist those writing on such topics and to encourage co-operation, and greater understanding of the development of the movement.

·       To support the publication and circulation of historical works on the Brethren, and to increase awareness of them.





Brethren Historical ReviewBAHN publishes the Brethren Historical Review once a year. The 2012 issue is available as a free download. Click here.

The Brethren Historical Review provides articles, notes on work in progress, and book reviews. The latest issue of the Review (vol.10, 2014) includes the following articles:

  • Christina Lawrence, Some Early Brethren in Bremen
  • Timothy Stunt,  A Brethren Rolling Stone: George Henry Stoddart 
  • John Montgomerie, My Odyssey: A Conscientuious Objector in the First World War.
  •  Harmut Wahl, Mourning for Soldiers Killed in the First World War in German Brethren and Baptist Churches
  • Two Review Articles: Sharon Jones, Defying the Nazis; Samuel J. McBride, The Gospel Hall Tradition in Northern Ireland
  • Obituary: Olive Rogers
To subscribe to the Brethren Historical Review click here for a subscription form. The subscription is £15 per annum.

Articles from previous issues of the Review can be accessed in the Review articles section of this website. Reviews of books and journal papers relevant to Brethren history can be accessed in Book reviews.



BAHN organises a biennial international Brethren history conference.

The seventh biennial conference will be on the theme of the Brethren and the Bible, and is to be held at Bishop Woodford House, Ely, in England in 6-8 July 2015.  For a downloadable brochure, click here. The principal papers to be given are:


  • Prof. James M Houston, 'Diversity and Unity in Bible Reading through the History of the Church'
  • Dr Dirk Jongkind, 'S. P. Tregelles and the Very Words as Given by the Holy Spirit: Textual Scholarship and Verbal Inspiration'
  • Joanne Briggs, 'J. N. Darby's Construction of Dispensational Narratives'
  • Dr Ian Randall, 'The Brethren and the Bible Society'
  • Dr Beth Dickson, 'In the World and of it too: Bible or Culture? The Role of Women in Brethren Assemblies, 1880-1940'
  • Prof. Alan Millard, 'Brethren Biblical Scholarship in the Twentieth Century'

Papers given at the first International Brethren History conference in 2003 have been published in Neil Dickson and Tim Grass (eds), The Growth of the Brethren Movement: National and International Experiences, Carlisle: Paternoster, 2006 (a festschrift for the 80th birthday of Harold Rowdon). Papers from the second conference have been printed as, Witness in Many Lands: Leadership and Outreach in the Brethren

 For further information on the Conferences click here


  BAHN Studies in Brethren History


   BAHN has launched a series of books entitled Studies in Brethren History.


1. The first of these was a reprint of Tim Grass's definitive modern history, Gathering to His Name: The Story of the Open Brethren in Britain    and Ireland. For an order form, click here. If you live outside the UK, then click here.


2. The second is Witness in Many Lands: Leadership and Outreach Among the Brethren, edited by Tim Grass. For more information on this book, click here. For an order form, click here.

 3. The third is now out and is entitled Culture, Spirituality, and the Brethren. For an order form, click here. If you live outside the UK, click here.

There is now also a subsidia series, and the first book in this series is Daniel J. Danielsen and the Congo: Missionary Campaigns and Atrocity Photographs by Oli Jacobsen. For an order form and information about this book, click here.

More information on these and other key books on Brethren history can be found on this website in Further reading. Several of these new academic histories of the Brethren appear in Paternoster Press's series, Studies in Evangelical History.








You can join BAHN by writing with a completed subscription form to BAHN Secretary, 1 Brands Row, Crossgates, Fife KY4 8DE, enclosing a cheque, payable to "Partnership (UK) Ltd", negotiable at a UK bank, for £15. (Alternatively, you may pay by credit card; please provide in writing the usual details and authorisation to deduct £17.) This will entitle you to membership for a year, together with at least one issue of Brethren Historical Review. You can submit your details by clicking on the Subscription form link above.



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